Horacio Siciliano, a Venezuelan photographer who represents not only a photojournalism  that denounces the daily life in his country from the perspective of a young man, but from a vision whose social commitment goes beyond the cause.


By profession a Civil Engineer, he entered photography in 2014, when guided by his curiosity, decided to register a forceful march in the city of Caracas. The photographer recalls that on that day, his camera witnessed a deceased young man whose death brought with him subsequent falls, who today have unleashed a sadly excessive summation. His presence in the place made him aware of the importance of his act.


On this sense, this record of events as a visual memory of such forceful and heartbreaking actions and their immediate handling on social networks as the primary source of information, was the trigger that marked the beginning of his career as a photojournalist.


His lens has captured the best and saddest and cruel scenes. Operations in neighborhoods, poverty, hunger, misery and protests are Horacio's target. His courage goes where many do not dare, in order to take the imminent moment of the fact, but it was his job at the  Hospital J.M. de los Ríos in Caracas, Venezuela what determines and demonstrates his remarkable capacity of dedication and professionalism to document the strong reality that is lived, without overlooking anything around him, making an honest record with an ability to photograph situations of misery with the same intensity of those fortuitous moments of joy and without ever forcing the stage, thereby demonstrating that their commitment to social reality goes beyond sharing and denouncing the events that occur in it.


An active participant in Fundación Colibrí, Horacio has dedicated himself not only to capturing the roughest images of the situation of neglect and neglect in which the hospital finds itself, but has also provided an additional contribution to each input that takes the children. , her time and her camera, with which she plays and allows children to play with her so they can photograph at will. These are undoubtedly his best photographs. There he met, accompanied and cared for Samuel.


From being an anonymous philanthropist, Horacio Siciliano has now become an essential international reference to make visible, outside our borders, the imminent collapse that we all saw coming. "



                                                                                                                                                Meráz – Aguilar.

Despacho Museográfico (2017).


Honors & Awards


       Jul 2015  

       International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL), USA

       2do Place.

     Jun 2015  

      Freedom House

     1st Place.

  •  II Certamen Internacional de Fotografía Signo Editores

       Certamen Internacional de Fotografía Signo editores

       Jun 2016

       Photojournalism Winner

       Signo Editores, Spain.

       Photojournalism Winner.

Oct 2017   



        Sept 2017

        Bronze in Editorial / Noticias de ámbito general



        May 2018


        May 2018

        Accesit Winner.




        Venezuela in chaos exhibition (Group          Exhibition)

        Manifiesta Calle, 60 días de Resistencia.(Group          Exhibition)

        Latin America Fotografía LOS DIEZ (Group Exhibition)